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Hardware marketing ‘sub-committee’ addresses COVID-19 key issues

DHF has recognised that there are a number of key issues currently facing the building hardware sector.  Examples of these are, of course, the transmission of the COVID-19 virus and what measures should be taken to limit its spread, in addition to the greater levels of safety now having to be met as a result of this, for example, anti-COVID hardware and fully-automated doors to enable access with no human contact.  In addition, CPR (Construction Products Regulation) and Brexit, CE versus UKCA marking and whether companies will be required to hold both UK and European marks, and the mutual recognition agreement and the issues that might bring.

As a result of these challenges, Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) has announced the creation of a new marketing ‘sub-committee’ for its Building Hardware Group members.  The new sub-committee will specifically address the issues and developments pertinent to the building hardware industry and comprises members with a marketing background from across the group.

The 11-person-strong sub-committee met for the first time on August 5th and is headed up by Suzanne Taylor-Turnbull, Head of Marketing and Marketing Development at Allegion, with the Vice-Chair named as Helena Liddiard from ASSA ABLOY.  It is anticipated that meetings will be held regularly.

DHF’s Head of Commercial Operations, Patricia Sowsbery-Stevens said:  “There are topics a-plenty for the sub-committee to turn their attention to in these changing and testing times.  Most importantly, it will ensure that these issues, and the steps that are being taken to address them, are communicated effectively and successfully to the relevant audience.”

The creation of the new sub-committee is a further demonstration of DHF’s proactivity and commitment in meeting the needs of its (now more than) 450 members.  DHF also represents the key players in doorsets, industrial doors and shutters, domestic garage doors and automated gates.  The federation has been praised industry-wide for its speedy and proactive response to COVID-19 in communicating changes to its members and modifying its training offering.  This month, DHF will be publishing a best practice guide on how the building hardware sector can flourish successfully whilst adhering to COVID-19 limitations.