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Why Gymkana is the ultimate solution for Auto Locksmiths

The question on every automotive locksmith’s lips is going to be why buy a ‘Gymkana 994’Why wouldn’t I just buy an Xhorse Condor and what makes it worth the extra money?

The answer is pretty simple: you get what you pay for…

Time is Money

The more keys you can cut in a day the higher number of happy customers, meaning the more money you make.

The Gymkana offers a vast array of features that make it well worth the investment, such as its ability to cut more advanced keys faster and more efficiently than with other tools. According to our in-house quality testing team, the Gymkana is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to cutting keys quickly and efficiently due to the fact that it rarely needs recalibrating and prompts you to when it is needed before cutting the keys.

We deliberately tried to knock its calibration off by adjusting the cutter blade out of alignment and we couldn’t cause it to need to recalibrate but it did notify us that we needed to adjust the cutter height back to its correct position. The quality control team are also raving about its ability to cut Ford tibbe keys which it does to an excellent standard.

 A cut above the rest

Gymkana cuts keys with greater precision than its rivals, giving you the perfect key first time, meaning you don’t have to waste money on key blades when repeatedly cutting the same key. This machine will make you appear more professional and quicker, so more recommendations which means more money in your bank account.

Furthermore, the durable cutting blades and tracers make the process of cutting any keys easy. The cutter speed and the axis are adjustable, to adapt to the most diverse of materials. Also, the cutter changing is now even easier, to minimise the margin of error. Everything is integrated in a durable structure that is synonymous with Keyline quality. The accuracy of the machine is almost unrivalled with the only competition being some of the older specialised machines such as the Silca Viper.

Face to interface

It also has the option of a dedicated console on the top that replaces the phone and app set up mentioned earlier in this post but for those who want a real ‘luxury’ experience the added features of that the screen adds will make you exceptionally pleased. These include:

  • Instacode pre-installed
  • A really simple and easy to use interface and navigation
  • The ability to save codes and keycuts and organise them in a manner that suits you
  • The ability to cut a key blade with the click of a few buttons

For those of you that don’t want to pay the additional cost for a screen, the basic model comes without one and there is an app that you can use in order to control the machine called the KeyLine Duplicator that you can get here:

Variety is key

The Gymkana allows the cutting of a huge variety of keys and with various optional extras such as additional clamps you can expand the variety of jobs you can do to encompass everything from a HU98 all the way through to SX9. These optional extras are great for more advanced key cutting jobs but the Gymkana comes as standard with the capabilities of three key cutting machines in one intuitive package, meaning even if it’s a little more expensive than some other bog standard machines, it saves you more money in the long run with its expanded range of key cutting abilities.

Furthermore, the universal self-aligning U clamp covers the majority of laser and double-sided edge cut keys and the cutting possibilities for Gymkana 994 increases further due to the new V clamp, now part of the standard package. This allows for Volkswagen® laser keys including the new four-sided keys, or HU162, to be technical. 


* Clamps Unified U clamp for laser and edge cut automotive keys; V for Volkswagen® laser keys (2 and 4 sides);

Optional clamps upon request: H for Tibbe keys(6 spaces); S for Simplex keys