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CDVI Launches Mobile Credentials for ATRIUM

Smartphone-powered access control with five validation methods

Leading access control technology manufacturer CDVI has announced the release of its new Mobile-PASS product. It enables smart devices to be used as access tokens.

Mobile-PASS works alongside the new ATRIUM A22K controller introduced to the market last year. Building on the high security and encryption technology in the A22K, Mobile-PASS offers the flexibility and convenience of unlocking doors from CDVI’s ATRIUM Bluetooth app.

Mobile-PASS comes with five different methods for triggering a door to unlock. Users can scan the phone against a reader, touch a button within the app, utilise the phone’s in-built biometric recognition, use voice activation, or set the app to automatically unlock the door on approach.

Like all CDVI products, the A22K controller and Mobile-PASS credentials combine simplicity with robust high security. The system benefits from military grade AES encryption end-to-end, and does not require any costly annual subscription or cloud storage fees.

“The introduction of mobile credentials to the CDVI range represents our continued commitment to putting simplicity at the heart of our access control solutions. This new update to the ATRIUM eco system is exciting and part of the new generation of technologies from CDVI. It utilises the latest smart device technology and provides users with logical access by using Bluetooth capabilities.” – Paul Ramsay, General Manager, CDVI UK

For more information and tutorials on Mobile-PASS and the high security ATRIUM range, visit the ATRIUM and Mobile-PASS pages on the CDVI website.

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