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At last – a safe designed for daily living
10th December 2019
Keeping keys, access cards and other valuable everyday items safe from theft, but conveniently close at hand, has always been a problem – until now. The Vecta Personal Safe is compact and wall-mounted with a slim design, which makes it … Continue reading
Phoenix Safe announce updates to Vela SS0800 Series
26th November 2019
Phoenix Safe have announced a series of improvements to their popular Vela SS0800 range of safes, with improved security and usability being the focus of the updates. Design The biggest change you will notice on the Vela is the redesigned … Continue reading
Securikey Offers a Range of Recyclable Safes
29th October 2019
Leading physical security supplier Securikey, is dedicated to supplying products that meet customer demand and is now proud to announce that its bestselling range of Euro Grade safes are manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials, in compliance with RoHS and … Continue reading
No space for a guest room safe?
2nd August 2019
The Vecta Personal Safe provides locksmiths with the perfect in-room security solution for hotels, B&Bs and residential accommodation, even when space is at a premium. The hospitality industry in the UK is growing strongly, with the number of hotel rooms … Continue reading
The security of remote access
21st June 2019
If you’ve ever been locked out of your house or car, you are familiar with that feeling of frustration — always at the most inconvenient of times. It’s even worse when you’re staying in a holiday home and have to … Continue reading
Securikey Launches New Compact Safe
21st May 2019
Building on the success of the Mini Vault range, Securikey has now launched a compact and affordable solution to your storage needs with the Micro Vault, available in two sizes. The Micro Vault has a cash rating of £1,000 which … Continue reading
Protect your keys and valuables – lock them away EVERY day
10th May 2019
Theft of car, motorbike, home, and office keys from UK homes is a growing problem, even more so in the past year with domestic burglary rising by more than 30% (Source: ONS) Whilst securing the home is a priority, and … Continue reading
Why underfloor safes are making a comeback in 2019
26th April 2019
Underfloor safes are perfect if you’re looking for a secure, discreet storage solution. We’re seeing a resurgence in sales of underfloor safes in 2019, and here’s why… 1) They’re completely discreet The great thing about underfloor safes is that most … Continue reading
The business of selling safes
4th January 2019
Despite changing lifestyles and ever evolving security technology, safes are still one of the most effective ways of protecting valuables.  Customers vary from individual home owners looking for a safe to store valuables and important documents, to a wide array … Continue reading
Safety Deposit Centre Vault Case Study From Phoenix Safe
8th October 2018
The customer had asked us to provide a Safety Deposit Centre to fulfil the needs of his potential clients in the Leicestershire area. From the very start of the project it was obvious that the customer was aware of the … Continue reading
A safe at home is no longer just for the super-rich
9th September 2018
Throughout many parts of Europe such as The Netherlands, Belgium and to a slightly lesser extent Germany, having a safe in your home is as natural and common as having a TV.  It is just one of life’s necessities to … Continue reading
Great Britannia – Insafe’s new Grade 0 Safe
1st July 2018
Insafe -the UK’s oldest and leading independent safe manufacturer – continuesto invest in British manufacturing and expand the production at its Britannia Works factory in Wolverhampton.  The Britannia range is available in six sizes ranging from 24 to 256 litres. … Continue reading
Take a look at our new HS range!
20th February 2018
Well it’s a new year, a time for self-reflection and looking back at the year passed, what worked and what didn’t, always working towards self-improvement. Here at Phoenix Safe we have been doing the same, only instead of looking back … Continue reading
Insafe shares best practice in The Parliamentary Review
23rd October 2017
Insafe are delighted to appear in the annual Parliamentary Review alongside the Prime Minister and a small number of outstanding organisations in a document that looks back on the year in industry and Westminster. Established by former minister The Rt … Continue reading