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85% of Tradespeople Aren’t Sure How to Use Social Media Effectively
28th February 2021
Half of tradespeople say social media gets them more work, but most don’t know how to maximise its potential  A quarter say that Facebook and Google reviews help get them more customers  Builders get the most work from social media, … Continue reading
Unwavering security during flexible working
15th May 2020
With the recent increase in flexible working, facilities managers are seeing lower occupancy levels in properties across the country. Colin Campbell, Managing Director of Codelocks, talks about what this means for security – and how access control technology can help … Continue reading
On the move: how a new home presents a new opportunity for locksmiths
3rd January 2019
A new home is always exciting for the buyer, but for locksmiths and security specialists, moving day means a window of opportunity to sell, sell, sell. Here ‘We Buy Any House’ explains why there is more to be made than … Continue reading