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Why Gymkana is the ultimate solution for Auto Locksmiths
5th October 2020
The question on every automotive locksmith’s lips is going to be why buy a ‘Gymkana 994’Why wouldn’t I just buy an Xhorse Condor and what makes it worth the extra money? The answer is pretty simple: you get what you … Continue reading
Some Reflections on wise buying (and other skills) by Vic Southern
21st September 2020
Just about every day we hear of some poor soul who was swindled out of his/her life savings by a conman. Just this past week I have had two phishing emails attempting to get me to click onto attacks on … Continue reading
Help Protect Van Owners Against Van & Tool Theft
7th August 2020
Van Guard’s high quality, British-manufactured van locks and security products help protect van owners from the growing van and tool theft epidemic by giving them a vast amount of security solutions to choose from. With van security the fastest growing … Continue reading
Van Security Protects Mental Health and Your Tools
12th June 2020
We are all different, and studies show that we all have varied emotional responses to the same situations. Being a victim of crime is no different. Many people are surprised by the psychological impact being a victim of even a … Continue reading
Meesons Announce HVM Distributor Agreement with PPG
25th March 2020
Meesons, the UK’s leading specialists in entrance control solutions, has announced an exclusive agreement with Perimeter Protection Group (PPG) to distribute its Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solutions. The exclusive distributor agreement covers the installation and maintenance of PPG HVM products … Continue reading
Securing Britain’s Business With Van Guard Locks
20th March 2020
Leading British manufacturer of commercial vehicle accessories, Van Guard have recently entered the auto locksmith market by launching their own range of aftermarket Van Locks and shielding products. With van security the fastest growing sector in van accessories due to … Continue reading
Shift the gear up on your profits in 2019
4th January 2019
Lockdecoders is now proud to offer a package for established domestic locksmiths to move successfully into auto work… So many very good locksmiths are struggling today with cheap competitors doing substandard work with substandard materials. And then the host of … Continue reading
For every locksmith, in every language
8th October 2018
Just over 20 years ago, the first Emirates Keys & Immo Tools opened in the UAE. Today, while there may be five branches across the Middle East, the reach of the company’s products and services spans all over the globe. … Continue reading
The wait is over – MVPPro replacement revealed at Lockex
24th April 2018
Hickleys Ltd has chosen Lockex 2018 – Security & Fire Safety to launch the long-awaited replacement for the MVPPro from Advanced Diagnostics Ltd. Called the Smartpro, this all-new key programmer offers cutting edge technology with some great new features including … Continue reading
Arval Offers “Top Five” Tips to Construction Fleets as Thefts from Vans Increase
22nd August 2017
Arval is releasing new advice to construction fleet operators in the light of reports that thefts from vans are rising rapidly. New figures obtained by the BBC from 30 police forces show that thefts from vans have increased from 14,063 … Continue reading
Car Key Jammers: What you need to know
21st December 2016
As reports circulate about tech-savvy thieves using electronic devices – “key jammers” – to prevent cars from locking, what do you need to know about this growing crime? The transmitters, which are easy to buy online, can be used to … Continue reading
“Unlocking The Key To Success”
24th February 2012
Dear Sir / Madam Have you ever considered expanding your abilities to offer vehicle key and remote programming service. This niche and very profitable service can be considered a true extension of your current services and can bring in additional … Continue reading