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Van Security – Ford and TVL Security bring customers aftermarket solutions as factory-fit options
16th September 2021
Ford and TVL Security have strengthened their partnership to offer customers a wider range of additional security products as factory fit options on both Ford Custom and Ford Transit across Europe. Ford is the first commercial vehicle manufacturer to offer a … Continue reading
Miracles are not cheap
3rd September 2021
By Vic Southern, Lockdecoders For 11 years Lockdecoders Ltd has been distributing the Miracle range of key machines both in the UK and in several export markets. From the Miracle A5 right up to the award-winning S10 that is thousands … Continue reading
Autowave Training – Back in Action
20th August 2021
After multiple delays due to Covid, free training sessions are back in action The training sessions are being held every two weeks on a Thursday at one of Autowave’s premises in Long Eaton, Nottingham Every session is designed to focus … Continue reading
The importance of quality control
22nd July 2021
What is quality control? As described by Alfort and Beaty, “Quality control is the mechanism by which products are made to measure up to the specifications determined from the customer’s demands and transform into sales, engineering and manufacturing requirements. It … Continue reading
The importance of having a diagnostic tool
8th July 2021
There are certain questions that crop up on a day-to-day basis at Autowave HQ and we try to address them via our articles, social media posts and training videos. The hot question at the moment is about diagnostic tools and … Continue reading
Meet the team: Autowave
11th June 2021
This is Autowave Lee, one of our top project specialists and technicians who will be personally handling your case at Autowave. Lee, has been working in the automotive industry for more than thirty years.  His extensive knowledge and experience in auto … Continue reading
TVL thinks ‘inside the box’
28th May 2021
There’s no doubt that as vehicle technology gets more sophisticated, that security must also follow suit. However, when it comes to the ‘man in the van’ sometimes a belt and braces approach works just as well, as TVL’s Luke Powell … Continue reading
TDB003 Proximity System Tester
28th May 2021
How do you know if a cars proximity module is working ? How do you test a proximity key? The TDB003 Proximity/Smart Key Systems Tester offers a simple and cost effective way to diagnose and test problems relating to the … Continue reading
3D Group’s Range of Key Machines
14th May 2021
3D Group are proud to supply a range of the best key machines available to the automotive industry, with a wide range of prices to suit any business. We also provide all the advice you need to set up a … Continue reading
“Our job is to make sure that van thieves cannot do their job”
30th April 2021
Theft of trade tools and vehicles are not only devastating acts of crime, but can cause short term and long term damage to business; the immediate impact being that of the initial theft but the long term being loss of … Continue reading
Looking back at the ‘locky’ ones…
16th April 2021
Ravi Kotecha It was only six months ago I wrote an article in The Locksmith Journal assessing the “beginning” of the pandemic, now over a year after the first lockdown we can see the light at the end of the … Continue reading
Hickleys locksmith training back in full flow
16th April 2021
Our locksmith training for both auto locksmiths and domestic locksmiths is in full flow with courses running this week. Our training centre offers the very best training for Auto locksmiths including user training on leading makes of programmers, vehicle opening … Continue reading
‘Cat thieves’ beware
1st April 2021
Catloc has been specifically designed to address the theft of a vehicle’s catalytic converter or exhaust system, with over 55 bespoke fitments, each having been carefully designed to offer the best protection to deter a thief. Multiple vehicle manufacturers have … Continue reading
Smart devices for the autolocksmith
18th March 2021
Autolocksmithing is in our blood from the early investigations by Peter Southern with Autodiagnos back in 1998 to cooperation in the development of the Keycrypt/AD900 and to his seat for two years on the joint committee of the Home Office, … Continue reading