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Industry research sheds light on ironmongery budget estimates
17th April 2020
New research shows that some types of buildings can incur up to 19% of their total maintenance budget on architectural ironmongery despite the average spend on this being between one and two percent of the value of a new-build. The research from the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) has analysed … Continue reading
Excellence in ironmongery showcased in GAI Yearbook
2nd August 2019
A new publication containing the latest door hardware advice for architects and specifiers and showcasing best practice internationally has been launched by the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI). The GAI Yearbook contains architectural ironmongery and technical standards advice and has been created to … Continue reading
Keylex locks for security on any door
5th October 2018
Retrofitting access control security to an existing door should be quite straightforward with a wide choice of systems to choose from – depending on the age and style of the door. But if you are confronted with an old, even … Continue reading
How to safely hold open fire doors
22nd August 2017
Nick Goddard, Research and Development Manager at Geofire has been in the fire safety industry for over 20 years. Here he talks about the importance of fire doors and the technology available to hold open fire doors safely and legally. … Continue reading