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Always moving forward to stay at the forefront


Locks 4 Vans supplies commercial vehicle aftermarket locking systems that are of superior quality. In fact, everything the team does is about quality and ensuring the product is fit-for-purpose; designed and manufacture to automotive standards.

Locks 4 Vans security products are specified by large corporate fleets, major courier and distribution companies, smaller fleets and one-man-and-a-van trades persons, mostly across the UK and Europe, but even as far away as Australia.

Dean Cassar, Locks 4 Vans says: “Our commitment to constantly developing our lock range to adapt to ever changing attack methods. We are famed for our hook bolt deadlocks and our Slamlocks are the holy grail for courier vehicles.

“The installers’ favourite product has to be our new hook bolt which has been warmly received by our customers in the past 24 months. The quality of the materials and mechanism is very satisfying and means installers can continue to offer and fulfil a warranty on all hook locks supplied and installed. From the smoothness of operation to the re-designed hook. Everything feels and looks perfect.”

Hook Lock

2019 has seen a 20% growth for Locks 4 Vans. And, Dean predicts that the automotive sector we will uture developments focused towards urban fleets and last-mile deliveries in the fight against air pollution and high emissions. This means new lightweight vehicles such as cargo-bikes in urbans areas and they too will need a layer of security.

Yet, the more material you cut from a vehicle door (to make a lock fit) the weaker the door becomes, and it’s for this reason that Locks 4 Vans strives to produce a lockcase with the smallest possible footprint meaning less material needs to be cut from the vehicle. This, plus some other design and developments that are in the pipeline will see Locks 4 Vans continue to drive forward in 2020, just as it has being doing over the past 12 months.

And a final word from Dean: “We don’t do what we’ve always done as we’ll only get what we’ve always got. We always move forward to be at the forefront of commercial vehicle security. As you would imagine, social media is full of unbiased reviews and opinions of our products and commitment to customer service. Don’t just take our word for it, try us on 01474 560077.”