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    Lately ive had quite a bit of work with regard to patio doors
    Last job sliding door (10years old) client had stumbled into door
    Knocking out door stops and knocking it off its level
    I think he was drunk and fell into it
    The euro cylinder lock would not engage with the mul t point lever gear box
    I felt the only way to fix this was to remove the door and I have no experience of removing these doors. I know I could unscrew the mul t point but the householder
    Had already damaged some of the screw heads as I was unsure I removed cylinder lock showed the client the cylinder lock was working reattached the door stops serviced the door i.e. cleaned it up adjusted rollers and left
    But the mul t point gearbox was still not engaging

    My Question is
    Should I have removed the door or the mul t point and replaced the gearbox

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