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Poor performance from locksmith wholesalers

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    Has any one had any bad service from wholesale suppliers? Please pass on your experiences so others can decide if to use or not.

    I had such an experience from UAP Tradelocks. Not only did it take 19 days to turn around a simple re-pin for a euro cylinder and key alike 4 others but I was given 3 separate dates of returns to which none materialised once they did arrive and I took to site to fit none of them fitted the original pinning so useless.
    Then I was blamed because I had only sent them an original lock to copy and didn’t make them a key. Apparently their skilled professional lock department couldn’t make a key! Then the real shocker try to get tradelocks to take responsibility to rectify their abissmal service and get nowhere. Company is so big (so they tell me) that they don’t care and to take my business elsewhere.

    Thing is thats exactly what I would do naturally. 🙂



    I too had an issue with this company, on hearing their £100,000 (that’s what they told me) advert on the radio I had a job that required 2 25/10/25 euro cylinder and key alike. I tried to buy these on 4 occasions each time I was told ‘out of stock’ after 4 weeks they took my order to which I added other items to bring my order up to their minimum order level and next day delivery.

    Nothing came, I called and was told that it would take 3 WEEKS to make 2 euro cylinders key alike and then was told they were ‘out of stock’ for two weeks. I cancelled the order and requested my money back. They did after a few days refund me. I will never use them again.



    I have had so much trouble from these idiots. On three seperate occasions I have purcheased tools only to have a problem with them. They never answer an email and they just say they will get back to you when dealing with them on the phone. After sales service my arse!!!



    I have all so had problems with UAP Tradelocks. You could not run a business dealing with these as it will make your own business look bad due to having to tell your own customers that there part has still not come. I have tried to resolve a simple problem with them that went on for so long i just gave up and wrote my order of as a loss. plus i am now on my 3rd letter box camera and have now brought one from maplins as i just can’t deal with them anymore or there cheap crap imports, Gave them the benefit of the doubt 3 times and each one was a epic fail, I have been fair with them but 3 out of 3 bad experiences is enough for me to make my mind up,



    UAP, I have experienced too many problems to list. The company is Beyond a joke!!!



    i also had a problem with Tradelock i placed a order for £100 Worth of locks
    with details of the locks i was looking for. including the cat numbers
    i waited 2 weeks got a email back saying they did not understand my order
    i told them exactly what was required in a return e.mail i have never received the order and i was paying cash still waiting on order from 12 December 2012
    went to S.K.S had the order the next day



    I have found over the last 6 years the best 3 companies to use are SKS , Aldridge or Duffell’s. And instead of ordering stuff to be keyed a like my advice would be to invest in a re pinning kit. Heaps cheaper and quick and easy to learn.

    Ollie’s Locks & Safe



    Reading this kind of post really helps me a lot you guys gives me an idea about my locksmith business and i learned something new here, well done!


    jack smith

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