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British Safe and Vault Trade Association (formerly Eurosafe UK) was established in February 2011 as the UK associate of its parent organisation, Eurosafe in mainland Europe.

Over the last 18 months we have undertaken a series of updates to better reflect and represent our sector as it stands today, with a total rebrand.

British Safe and Vault Trade Association (BSVTA) is an association open to UK safe manufacturers and companies engaged, as a major part of their business, in the sale of safes, fire safes, security cabinets and vaults and vault doors. Lock manufacturers engaged in the business of safe lock sales, those in the UK Insurance industry, and organisations involved in standards testing are also admitted to membership or associate membership.

Alan Bullock, chair of BSVTA says, “BSVTA is developing as a well-respected organisation with strong ties to the MLA, AIS, LPCB, and other testing certification houses. The management committee meets regularly to discuss issues affecting the industry and strives to look at new developments and challenges, including certification and testing, reconditioned safes, and insurance ratings.”

New Name • New Logo • New Challenges

Having realised that the UK required a more focused approach to challenges in the market and to promote a more vigorous defence of our manufacturing base and promotion of standards, we decided to change the name from Eurosafe UK to BSVTA at the end of last year. We also feel that this new name better represents the diversity of the UK safe industry, which is served not only by direct manufacturers, but by companies who offer safes from many sources to offer customers a wide choice. The new logo reflects what we see as an historical strong base for safe manufacture and commitment to standards: professionalism, integrity and security. has now also launched and is packed full of vital industry information. There is now a dedicated password protected membership zone, detailed members list, our aims and objectives, the BSVTA code of practice, and full profiles on our officers. In the news and articles sections visitors will be kept up to date with the latest industry and BSVTA developments, as well as more in-depth features.