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Protect your keys and valuables – lock them away EVERY day

Theft of car, motorbike, home, and office keys from UK homes is a growing problem, even more so in the past year with domestic burglary rising by more than 30% (Source: ONS)

Whilst securing the home is a priority, and safes are used to hide rarely used items, it is the valuable items that are used every day that most need to be protected from theft – whether they are keys for the car, motorbike, home, garage, bike shed or office or cash, currency and jewellery.

The answer is simple – the NEW Vecta Personal Safe.

The Personal Safe is designed to be fitted to a wall where it can be readily accessed – such as in a cloakroom, hallway or bedroom – not hidden away in a cupboard and occasionally used.

It has a unique slim shape that complements modern interior designs and smooth edges to reduce damage if knocked into

Its speed of use and convenience is maximised with fast electronic operation, one-touch locking, automatic opening and a blue LCD display which clearly indicates when the safe is opened, closed, or needs battery replacement.

Once they have a Vecta Personal Safe installed, there’s only one thing your customers need to remember, to keep their keys and valuables safe –

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